A New Year's Resolution For Everyone: Move Our Money


Regular exercise. Read more. Eat healthier. All great plans for 2012. 

But when it comes to the New Year, there's one resolution that everyone in the 99% should commit to:  Moving Our Money off of Wall Street and into our communities.

Make your New Year's Resolution and plug into the action with thousands of other people in 2012  to Move Our Money.

Moving our money out of mega-banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and Wells Fargo is not only a good thing for our economy - it's a good thing for your wallet and your community.

Instead of paying ridiculous fees or supporting the big banks that crashed our economy, your money will be doing good closer to where you live - through credit unions that serve non-corporate workers, or community banks committed to investing in your hometown.

Let the world know: in 2012, you're resolved to leaving your megabank once and for all.

Once you’ve made your resolution, take an extra minute to  spread the word on Facebook  and  on Twitter .

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